Freemasonry is a large and diverse group with many lessons to be taught which all starts with membership in the Craft Lodge. To find out more or to be contacted by a local lodge member, please send an e-mail to

Considerations to include in your e-mail are;

  • Your full name with phone number with best time to call
  • How did you hear about Freemasonry? (media, news, family, friends, etc.)
  • What are your interests in the community and Freemasonry?
  • Do you have specific goals you'd like to bring or learn?



For those who still want more experience, more knowledge and more opportunities to grow, there are futher streams to follow. There are opportunities to become a ritualist in the degrees, there are College of Freemasonry courses available, there are various cmmittees that could always use skills or aid in developing them.

Optionally, there are more appendant (attached to) or concordant (inherited similar characteristics) bodies which build upon lessons learned in Craft Lodge, further explain or introduce new ideas and approaches.

Advancement of Knowledge

Masonry in Thunder Bay and NorthWestern Ontario