Broken Triangle and Trowel

Zohar Council No. 19

Symbolism of the Cryptic Rite Degrees

This section is taken freely from Mackey's Symbolism as written in Chapter XXXI of "The History of the Cryptic Rite. " It is not written verbatim, but rather was adapted to the form of our present day ritual. Symbolism from other authors has been incorporated. It is the belief of The Grand Council, that if our members understand the beautiful symbolism of our Order, they will become better members of their subordinate Councils. We encourage you to study and learn more about our great Order, as it is not possible to include everything of interest or importance in this brief synopsis. We learn in the Royal Master degree, that there was an agreement among our three Most Illustrious Grand Masters, that the word would not be communicated to the Craft until the Temple was completed, and then only in the presence of all three. We learn in the Master Mason degree.... Read more

Regular Assemblies

Regular Assemblies Second Saturday in the months of May and September and the fourth Saturday in the months of January, March and November

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Loch Lomand Royal Ark Mariner Lodge No. 16

The rainbow ribbon which decorates the regalia of the degree provides a colourful spectacle to all its ceremonies. But despite its great age, it is essentially a thinking man’s degree, conducted in a friendly, intimate and rewarding atmosphere.

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